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  1. Backpacking in the Cloud Peak Wilderness

    The Cloud Peak Wilderness is located in the Bighorn National Forest in northeastern Wyoming. Kassi and I spent three days backpacking in the southern part of the wilderness over the long July 4th weekend. We did a loop starting at Battle Park Trailhead, about 12 miles of dirt road north …

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  2. Raised Vegetable Gardens

    I have a good sized backyard. A while back I put in a sprinkler system and planted new grass. The grass came in nicely, but it's expensive to water in the hot summer months. Coupled with the fact that I don't use that much yard I decided to re-purpose a …

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  3. Cherry Picture Frame

    This year for Christmas we drew names among the family, and I drew Megan's name. For her gifts I mainly focused on buying local, including some locally made art. One print I got did not come framed so in keeping with the "local" theme I wanted to make my own …

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  4. Honeycomb Cutting Board

    This cutting board is going to be a Christmas gift for Kassi. We are currently in the middle of building a coffee table for her new apartment and so I thought I would use the maple and walnut scraps from that project to make her something useful.

    The board is …

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  5. Wood Breadboard Base

    I've been working on a project lately that includes some electronics. This has required a lot of prototyping on the breadboard with various cables coming to and from the breadboard. The lightweight breadboard sort of gets pulled around by the various cables making it frustrating to work with. So I …

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