Raised Vegetable Gardens

I have a good sized backyard. A while back I put in a sprinkler system and planted new grass. The grass came in nicely, but it's expensive to water in the hot summer months. Coupled with the fact that I don't use that much yard I decided to re-purpose a section of my back yard to raised vegetable gardens. Wyatt likes big yards, because he prefers to space out his poops as much as possible, so this will be an adjustment for him :)

I live in an old neighborhood with a lot of large old growth trees which provide a lot of shade throughout the entire day. I didn't have an ideal spot in terms of sun, so I chose a spot in the back, away from the house. I started by putting in some 4x6 edging to section it of from the grass I want to maintain:

And then began building the raised bed:

I wanted to avoid having to water the gardens by hand so I made a plan to put in a new sprinkler zone for a drip irrigation system. This was a good time to put in a new sprinkler box and split the 2 backyard zones into 3 zones for more efficient watering. So I put I moved a zone into the new box and put in 2 new zones (one for the backyard and one for the gardens):

Next up was to run the PVC line for the drip irrigation, so I dug a trench:

Digging straight trenches is hard :)

Once that was done I moved focus back to the bed and started moving dirt from my existing garden bed (which I want to remove because it barely sees any sun) to the new bed.

And with the dirt in and some top soil mixed in I installed the drip irrigation system. I ran a 1/2" poly pipe around the perimeter of the bed and then spanned 1/4" soaker tube in rows where I would plant the seeds:

I also placed some drip irrigation in the half of the existing garden bed that gets good sun: